who we are

Greetings from Avantedge!

Avantedge Consulting Group is an international consulting group that focuses on transforming businesses across the Asian region by providing specialized business advisory and business development services on various aspects of the clients' business - from Industry 4.0 to Sustainability (EES/ESG). The group also provides services to governments and government linked organizations in promoting investments, developing partnerships and providing assistance in other forms of international trade agendas.

We have offices that operate in Malaysia and Thailand that provide strategic consulting services to our clients by leveraging on our unique hands-on “know-how” and “know-who” across Asia.

Key Business Sectors

  • Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing - Products and services that relate to the manufacturing industry, specifically IoT, AI, Big Data, Cloud and other Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) related areas.

  • Smart Utilities and Infrastructure - Products and services that relate to water, roads, electricity (renewable energy) and telecommunications.

  • Digital Technology - Products and services that relates to the digital economy, AI, IOT, drones, wearable technology, etc.

  • Agriculture, Farming and Natural Resources - Products and services relating to sustainable development of agriculture, farming and natural resources.

Our Strengths - "4S"

Aside from our passion and drive, these are what makes us the best in what we do.

Not to forget, we have a multilingual team that helps clients 'speak' across cultural borders.

  1. Sense - With our vast and unique "know-how" and "know-who" when it comes to doing business across Asia, we effectively bridge the gaps between businesses, governments and end-clients towards meeting the desired goals of each stakeholder.

  2. Strategy - We gather and analyze targeted data and market-intelligence, then read between the lines to help clients form feasible and holistic strategies and action plans that increase the chances of winning in each unique market across Asia.

  3. Science - It's not only about financials, our team of engineers provide clients with sound technical advice that enables proper application and integration of technology that is more cost effective in the long run.

  4. Statutes - Knowing regulations in various jurisdictions across Asia helps reduce the risk of non-compliance which might pose significant barriers and risks to stakeholders. We also manage matters on intellectual property protection and commercialization.

3-Steps Towards Your Next Milestone

STEP 1: Discovery

We engage with you to understand where you are currently, where you want to head, and by when you want to arrive at your milestone.

STEP 2: Agreement

We put everything together and let you decide how you want us to proceed. Then, it's time to put on your seat-belts. Our ride begins!

STEP 3: Delivery

We arrive at your desired milestone, delivering key results that can be objectively gauged.